Karate Do is exercise through which the karateka masters all body movements, such as bending, jumping and balancing, by learning to move your limbs and body backward and forward left and right up and down,freely and uniformly. Training transforms various parts of the body into self defense tools, to be used freely and effectively.

Karate Do

WaDo Ki Kai Karate Do- means to learn from all things
Karate is designed for everyone; old or young, tall or short and anyone in between. Rank requirements are the same for everyone regardless of size, age or gender. Traditional karate training focuses on technique rather than strength or size. The reason being, the key to force and power in a technique is rooted in how it is executed. Although rather easy to imitate you will find these movements require a considerable amount of practice and discipline to become adept.

Join us for small group classes at AFNS Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Classes are currently mixed with both adults and children over the age of 6.

*Parents must remain in the facility while children are in class.

Great news! Our Karate program is included with your teen or adult AFNS membership. Kid’s Karate is an additional $50 per month for member’s children or $85 per month for non-members, regardless of age.

$50/month AFNS member or $85/month non-member

Mon 6:30-7:30p studio 2 with Andrea
Wednesday: 6:30–7:30p studio 2 with Bob
Friday: 6:00-7:00p studio 1 with Larry

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