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At AFNS we believe in a holistic approach to wellness. Steams, saunas and spas are an amazing compliment to exercise workouts for both mental and physical well-being. We encourage our members to incorporate all we have to offer for the most beneficial experience possible.

In addition to our fitness programs and spa amenities, we offer services that cater to both the body and mind. Full body massages and Chakra balancing sessions are available to book in private rooms with our certified technicians. Take your self care regimen to the next level with a relaxing rub down or an energetic reset with these additional spa services.

The Benefits of A Spa Experience

* Regular massages help to calm the nervous system, reduce stress levels, and promote total body pain relief and relaxation.

* Deep tissue massage promotes a healthy lymphatic system, better circulation and immune function for improved overall well-being.

* Chakra balancing sessions are a great modality to enhance your memory and connection to your highest self. They help you feel less stress, promote mental clarity and physical healing, thus less pain.

Hilda’s Healing Hands

From my training and 17 years of experience I have refined skills to help areas of the body needing therapy, whether chronic or acute. My specialization is in deep tissue, Swedish, Tui-Na (Chinese) Zen-shiatsu (Japanese) Accupressure (trigger points). I learned to work and employ all or part of these techniques & methods in each session. Thru my years of practice I have learned to help my clients with stress & pain relief with deeper relaxation as the ultimate goal.I have enjoyed many years of massage therapy in a professional environment surrounded by health & fitness minded individuals. Prior to 1997 I received massages from a therapist in order to help recover from back injuries due to an accident. It encouraged me to help others as I was helped during my therapy sessions.

To book a massage please call or text: Hilda (510)706-7091

#1 Best Bay Area Fitness Club - Alameda Fitness & Spa - Jimaii Design
#1 Best Bay Area Fitness Club - Alameda Fitness & Spa - Jimaii Design

Culture Chakra Energy Healing

These sessions are a total body and mind reset. Energy healing session is essentially a guided meditation where natural healing crystals will be placed on and/or around your body in order to facilitate specific energy flow into your chakras. The purpose may be to clear and re-align stagnant energy, to remove a blockage, or to slow overactivity- all resulting in the easing of various physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It is a deeply relaxing and freeing experience set to various nature sounds. To book a chakra balancing session and read more Q & A follow the link: calendly.com/culturechakrahealing

Locker Rooms

In addition to showers and restrooms, our spacious locker rooms feature a steam, sauna and spa as well as plenty
of free day use and rentable lockers in different sizes. Tissue, body wash and lotion are always stocked for your convenience. 

We ask that members spend no more than 20 minutes in steam, sauna or spa for purposes of safety and sharing. Please bring your own towel for pool or spa amenities.

Additional amenities: Drinking fountains and hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the facility. Each members is offered their own sanitizer bottles and cleaning towels to wipe down their equipment upon check-in.

#1 Best Bay Area Fitness Club - Alameda Fitness & Spa - Jimaii Design

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